Octomom Cancels Florida Stripping Gig

Earlier this week, Octomom revealed she would be making a few extra bucks dancing topless on stage at strip club T’s Lounge in Palm Beach, FL. Mercifully, there would be no full ¬†nudity or lap dances.

Now it’s reported that she’s cancelled the appearance because staff at the club slammed her in a local news interview. A bartender who works at the club said,¬†Octo has “a lot of mouths to feed so it was only a matter of time” before she started stripping. The bartender added, “She must be a little crazy, normal people don’t have that many children.” Both fair points but Nadya still thinks she’s some big star and not just any stirpper.

She was also none too pleased that the manager of the club insinuated she might go full nude and do lap dances if the price was right. “You know me so well,” Octomom thought before a tinge of dignity found it’s way back into her body.

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