Paris Hilton Was Knocked to the Ground in a Fight

Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis were leaving the new Bootsy Bellows club with friends when a guy in their group tried to take a camera from a photog’s hands. The photog wasn’t having any of that and tried to hit the guy with his camera. During the slap fight, Paris, wearing a small blue dress, was knocked into the wall and almost onto the ground. Police weren’t called even though the photog says someone in Hilton’s group took his camera and jacket.

TMZ has video of the incident and surprise, Brandon Davis is trying to be a tough guy. Look at him gingerly push a camera guy while he’s leaving. Also, for some reason, Paris was grabbing onto the guy’s shirt. Sadly, at no point were there any cries of, “Skank Down! Skank Down!” Does no one care about Paris anymore?

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Heiress needs Attention
Heiress needs Attention
11 years ago

Holy yesterdays news batman
She would have to screw Mike Tyson on The Oprah network to get press.
So sad ..upstaged by a no talent with a hippos ass….
They’ll cry when you’re gone
Miss Valtrex infinity..