Seth MacFarlane Hooked Up With Alexis Knapp While Pregnant With Ryan Phillippe’s Baby

According to reports from Us, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane was secretly hooking up with Alexis Knapp, who gave birth last year to Kailani, Ryan Phillippe’s daughter, while she was still pregnant with Kailani. Alexis and Ryan broke up before she announced her pregnancy but Ryan probably wasn’t too amused that Seth was poking at her daughter’s head.

“She said she wasn’t really into it at the time,” the insider shared with Us at the premiere of MacFarlane’s big-screen debut, Ted.

The reason the comedian, 39, is hoping to keep their relationship under wraps?

“He doesn’t want to distract from Ted,” the source explained of the first-time filmmaker. “This [movie] is his baby.”

Still, inside their circle of friends, their status as a former item is an open secret. “Alexis said people in the industry know about it,” the source said. “She really liked him and wants it to be official.”

This is… the greatest idea ever. I don’t want to throw the term “genius” around but Seth is a genius. First, she can’t get pregnant again. Second, any argument they have will always end with Seth dramatically cry-screaming, “Well… you’re carrying another man’s baby!”

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Strange Butt Music
10 years ago

Sweet headline. Seth MacFarlane sure carries the baby weight well. Couldn’t even tell.

The Blemish
10 years ago

Was waiting for someone to mention that. You win.

Amanda Casey
10 years ago

Doesn’t that mean he’s half of a father?
They would make a cute couple.

10 years ago

She was doing Peter Brady?

10 years ago

No idea who she is. Looks boring.

> <
> <
10 years ago

Now this is a Quagmire. giggity giggity

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