Snooki Fell and No One Helped

Snooki is pregnant with what scientists are still classifying as a human baby and while filming Jersey Shore yesterday, she fell while walking around in a pair of platform sandals. Instead of helping a pregnant woman up, the paparazzi continued snapping pictures.

“She’s fine. She slipped. I don’t know if it was the shoe that was the issue or something on the sidewalk like a bump or something that she tripped over,” a source tells PEOPLE. “Sad thing was that the paparazzi all kept snapping their photos and no one went to help her. That’s kind of sleazy. If you see any pregnant woman fall you should help them.”

This could be a sterling example of the apathetic nature of society today or it could just be that no one was sure that whatever diseases Snooki had could be contracted by mere contact.

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11 years ago

Are you sure that’s snooki? I’ve never seen her look so pale.