The Trailer for $ellebrity Is Here

Building off the publicity from Alec Baldwin’s run-in with a photog, comes the trailer for Kevin Mazur’s $ellebrity. The documentary, which premiered at SXSW, takes a look at celebrity life from the viewpoints of both paparazzi and celebrities. I use the word “celebrities” loosely because among the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Sarah Jessica Parker and Elton John is Kid Rock. Really? That guy?

Nonetheless, it’s pretty good. If you’re into listening to constantly pampered rich people who own mansions in LA and penthouses in New York whine about how hard their lives are because photographers want to take pictures of them. Oh boo, hoo. You’re paid millions of dollars to read lines off a piece of paper or, in Kid Rock’s case, perform terrible music, and you’re complaining because normal people care enough about you to create a demand for your pictures. Woe is you. Someone call the wahhmbulance.

Of course there’s no mention of celebrities who fly under the radar like Christian Bale and Johnny Depp and stay pretty well hidden unless they need to promote a film.

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No Pix Please take my Pix
No Pix Please take my Pix
12 years ago

Its so True..They give me gas with their sick hypocrisy