This Is Why Charlize Theron Is the Perfect Woman

If you’ve ever needed more proof that Charlize Theron is the perfect woman, look no further than to this clip of her on Conan. Not only does she enjoy smoking pot, throw awesome Super Bowl parties and look hotter than most other nearly-40-year-olds, but she also enjoys watching MMA or, I guess, UFC in particular.

On Conan the other night, she described her fascination with the sport. Usually when you try to get girls to watch a MMA fight, their eyes glaze over and they slip into unconsciousness like a guy does when asked to watch a rerun of Sex and the City. But not Charlize. She loves sweaty mean grappling with each other and bleeding on each other.

So if you ever want to impress Charlize and have no idea how to break the ice, just punch a guy in the face. She’ll get so hot.

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