W.i.P. Shut Down After Chris Brown/Drake Fight, Drake Hints at Fight During Concert

W.i.P club in NY where Drake and Chris Brown got into a bottle throwing brawl has been shut down by the NYPD citing “code violations.” On Sunday, a sergeant said he had no idea what those violations were.

Eight people were injured in the melee. Four of them innocent bystanders including Tony Parker and two girls who plan to sue the club and possibly Drake and Chris Brown.

Lucy Pavlovsky, one of the girls suing, said she ducked down when the bottle started flying and noticed her arm was gushing blood. She ended up with 12 stitches and a tetanus shot. It was at that point her eyes turned into dollar signs and she made a “cha-ching” sound as if she was opening a cash register.

Meanwhile, Drake hinted at the fight during his concert at Jones Beach over the weekend.

After a couple of songs, Drake again dropped what appeared to be a reference to the scuffle. “It’s last call and you’re really too drunk to give a f—,” said Drake, wearing a long-sleeve black shirt and dark jeans.

“A n—- in the corner is standing there looking at you funny. You bump elbows with him on the way to the bathroom, but really there’s only one n—- that you got to think about.” NYDN

Hm, Wheelchair Jimmy used to be such a nice boy. I guess growing up on the mean streets of suburban Canada changes a man.

As for Drake’s entourage talking to police, they’re following the old adage of “snitches get stitches.”

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Herman Bumfudle
10 years ago

so drake, you’re left holding the tab. not bad, rehire and offer to settle with the rehires. the bad boys, let em fight it out in court. they don’t get a reward for illegal conduct. you’d be surprised what a christmas bonus can do. congratulations dude you are now a philanthropist.

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