Zhang Ziyi Says a Rival Actress Is Spreading That Prostitute Rumor

Lainey’s post pretty much got the gist of the entertainment industry in Asia. Most of the stars and upcoming talent there are pimped out to the rich in exchange for fame and money. I’m not sure if an established star like Zhang Ziyi could be forced to do it but I wouldn’t put it past the industry. Anyway, Zhang Ziyi believes the rumor that she made $110 million over the course of 10 years from sleeping with Chinese officials is a smear campaign by a rival actress.

Sources told us that Zhang believes the allegations were spread by a “jealous rival.” One said, “This isn’t the first time vicious rumors have been spread about her in the Chinese media by somebody who wants her roles and her success.” The source declined to name the rival, but added, “We will not put up with this, and will take every action necessary.” Page Six

If a paper spread any lie a rival actress told them, I’d assume there’d be 100 stories a day about this or that actress being a whore. It seems a little too convenient that the blame falls on an unidentified rival. Especially when the guy who pimped Zhang out was supposedly involved in a murder plot and is generally considered shady. It’s like farting in a crowded elevator and all your friends know you farted in the crowded elevator but you pretend the guy next to you did it. Well, not really exactly like that. But sort of.

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