Carla Gugino’s Hippie Mom Made Her Live in a Teepee

When Carla Gugino was a kid, she had a “horrific kidney operation.” I’m not exactly sure what that means but her mom took her recovery into her own hands and made her live in a teepee in Northern California.

“I lived in a teepee with my mum and we lived next to these gold prospectors, who were very good friends of ours…

“It was amazing. We bathed in the river, we went into town once a week to get groceries and everything like that. We had two little twin beds and a fire pit. I was recovering from a really bad kidney operation as a very young kid and she wanted to take me into nature.

“It was kind of the most amazing thing that my mom could have done. It was pretty wild.” StarPulse

She didn’t say how long she was there for but I’d be pretty pissed having to live out there. Especially when those bears start stealing my picnic baskets. That’s a thing, right? I saw a documentary on it called Yogi…. something.

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