Cheryl Cole Understands Bullying

Cheryl Cole wants to set up a foundation to help teenagers deal with bullying. It’s what all the cool celebrities are doing now. Cole tells Grazia magazine that she’s working on setting up a charity organization called The Cheryl Cole Foundation to help victims of bullying. Why? Not because it’s this year’s trending topic but because she’s experienced bullying first hand for the past year. She tells the mag that people have called her “fat” on Facebook and Twitter and made fun of her hair. Oh the humanity!

“I get what these kids have gone through because I had a tough upbringing and I understand what it feels like to get bullied like some of them,” she said. “In the last few years, I’ve been bullied on Facebook and Twitter. It’s evil and very public.”

She also added: “People judge my appearance and hair, and say that I look fat.” Entertainmentwise

Aw, shut up. No says Cheryl Cole fat. That’s just ridiculous. Even if they did, Cheryl Cole knows well enough that she’s not and that she’s hotter than 99% of them. This is like if Megan Fox said she could empathize with bullying victims because someone on the internet once said she had sharp knees and called her a 6 out of 10 at best.

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