Chloë Sevigny Is Famous So Give Her a God Damn Dress

Chloë Sevigny spoke with OUT about a variety of topics including her transgender hit man role,  her famous Vincent Gallo blowjob scene in Brown Bunny and how she has to buy her own designer dresses even though she’s a fashion icon or something.

On her casting as a transgendered hitman: “I was worried people would be angry that they didn’t cast a real person who was transitioning,” she says. “I asked why they didn’t, and the producers said they didn’t find the right person. It’s a big responsibility toward that community, and I wanted to do them right.” The show’s writer, Sean Conway, was more categorical. “I don’t think anyone else could have played the part,” he says. “She’s hypnotizing and perfectly balances the tender with the brutal. I could watch her forever.”

On Brown Bunny since we’re still talking about this 9 years after the fact: “People expect me to say I regret Brown Bunny, but I won’t,” she says, referring to the 2003 film that climaxed with her giving a blowjob to Vincent Gallo, the film’s star and director. It left many industry insiders predicting the end of her acting career — certainly not a move from the nice-girl handbook.

On having to buy her own designer dresses: For the British premiere of Hit & Miss she requested about 20 dresses for consideration, but only received two. “Aren’t I one of the top searches on, for crying out loud?” she says with mock disgust. “How hard is it to get a fucking dress from Valentino?” When it’s noted that that quote will definitely make it to print, she clasps her hands together and lets out a raspy laugh.

She’s right. The first thing that comes to mind when I think haute couture is Chloë Sevigny and not, I don’t know, a supermodel like Miranda Kerr (is she? I have no idea. I have a penis). Why aren’t you giving this woman $2,000 dresses to try on?! Don’t you know she once blew Vincent Gallo on camera and now she’s showing her prosthetic penis in Hit & Miss?.

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Sandy Olson
Sandy Olson
10 years ago

Chloe is so pretty and I genuinely think her best performance is in Vincent Gallo’s The Brown Bunny. She and Vincent’s scenes together are incredibly sensitive and honest and they both deserved better from the critics and public. They are both cool, courageous and talented. Vincent is especially underrated and sadly is also very misunderstood.

Insert Coin
Insert Coin
10 years ago
Reply to  Sandy Olson

Nice try, Vincent.