Comic-Con 2012, Friday: Argh, Lines!

Alternatively titled, “I’ve made a terrible mistake.” As fun as standing 5.5 hours (10 am – 3:45 pm) in line in 85 degree weather may seem, it is most certainly not. It’s especially horrible when you miss The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

When I did eventually get in this god forsaken hall, I found out that there’s a gigantic metal bar in front of the press pit which wouldn’t be so bad if I had a longer lens and the other people taking photos weren’t standing on f**king stools. So no pictures of the panels because they look terrible.

It wasn’t for nothing though. Total Recall starring Jessica Biel, Colin Farrell, and Kate Beckinsale and Elysium starring Matt Damon were all there. Jessica Biel seemed way less linebackery and cuter while seeing Kate Beckinsale in person confirmed what everyone already knew. She’s really god damn hot.

Elysium, by Neill Blomkamp who did District 9, looked pretty sexy too. It stars Matt Damon, Jodie Foster and Sharlto Copely.

Anyway, here are a few takeaways from Comic-Con Friday.

  • Want to go to Hall H for a popular tv show/movie? Get in line at 6 am.
  • If you need to pee and you don’t want to shuffle over to the bathroom, don’t drink anything and stand in the sun. Dehydration is your friend.
  • Don’t sell your long lens thinking you’ll never use it.
  • People will line up for anything. Even bags they know they’ll throw away 2 days after they get home. I could call a piece of poo a Comic-Con exclusive and people would still line up.

On another note, I wanted to do an interview with two people in a van advertising the World Famous Booty Ring Toss. It looked a lot like this van. How does it work, do they shove a stick in their butt and if so, how deep does it go?

That interview never happened because at that point I was halfway into my dehydration and about to faint. Though Friday was not without a few photos.

This was the best picture taken in all the panels I sat through which included Resident Evil 6Total RecallLooper and Elysium which should tell you a lot about how crappy the other pictures were. This was Elysium by the way.

This Deadmau5 head was way better than the one I posted the other day.

This Edward Scissorhands seemed really fancy. Johnny Depp would have liked him.

Seriously, this was the best Deadmau5 I’ve ever seen.

Look at these suckers and their lines. Oh, wait, that was me only 3 hours ago.

This was a shot at the Walking Dead Escape event which was an obstacle course you could run through while zombies chased you. You had to pay $70 for the privilege of finding out you’ll never survive a zombie apocalypse.

Someone needs a car wash.

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Peruvian Lilies
Peruvian Lilies
10 years ago

Amazing post, thanks for sharing!! Moving to San Diego so I can’t wait to go next year!!

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