Comic-Con 2012 Saturday: Should Have Worn Shorts

Comic-Con on Saturday had twice as many people as Friday which meant there was no way I was standing in line for anything. Plus, I managed to get into the Disney press conference forĀ Iron Man 3 which I had to walk 16 blocks for wearing jeans and a sort of dress shirt. I made it on time looking real sweaty. I must have been a joy to sit by.

As far as the press conference goes, there’s nothing too much people learned. The only interesting thing is Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle aren’t actually going to China to film. A crew is going there and through movie magic, Downey Jr. and Cheadle will look like they’re there. A kid also asked Robert Downey Jr. what it was like to be a hero and of course the whole room went “Daww!” Whatever, stupid kid. I can be cute too!

Other than that, I stayed in the air conditioned convention center taking pictures of people in costume. Let’s begin. (If you want to see the entire gallery without captions, go here.)

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