Dina Lohan Skipped Out on a $2,500 Bill

This story is confusing but the gist of it is Dina Lohan and her brother Paul Anthony Sullivan were given four complimentary tickets to a Hamptons charity event to watch the Great Bonac Fireworks Show. They ended up bringing eight other people to eat. At the end of dinner organizers didn’t think they should get away with that and presented them with a $2,500 bill which was later reduced to $1,100. They left anyway without paying or even leaving a tip.

“They dined and dashed on a $2,500 check and didn’t leave a dime for the waiters. The understanding was they would get four free tickets. Anthony stormed up at the end and said, ‘What is this check for?’ Organizers offered a reduced bill for around $1,100, but then they just upped and left without leaving a tip. When organizers later phoned him to demand payment, Sullivan said, ‘My celebrity clients were not happy.’ ”

Sullivan, who in 2008 was sentenced to a year in jail for fraud and now runs a promotions company, said, “This is a total lie. My written and verbal agreement with Rich Silver was to comp dinner for 8 to 10 guests, six people ate. There was not to be any bill. Then you get a bill for $2,500?”

He added, “Dina was strictly invited as a guest and had nothing to do with paying anything. This is totally false. There is no bill to pay. I paid $500 for drinks, and I will wire a tip tomorrow.” Page Six

“I can’t explain away the tip so I guess I’ll have to say I’m sending it tomorrow by wire. You’ll have a $10 check arriving to you by horseback. Don’t spend it all in one place my good man.”

Below is Lindsay Lohan at Mr. Chow with a friend. I’d like to imagine that like her mother, when the waiter presented Lindsay with the check, Lindsay and the waiter stared uncomfortably at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Lindsay wondering why she was being given a bill, the waiter wondering why this jackass wasn’t handing over her black AMEX.

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Mommas a Pimp Alcoholic
Mommas a Pimp Alcoholic
9 years ago

How else would trash behave?

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