Fans Don’t Like Spider-Man Using Bing

The Amazing Spider-Man reboot debuted last night and one major point of contention that’s been coming up is Peter Parker’s use of Bing instead of Google in the movie. All over Twitter, people with too much time on their hands are throwing fits about Sony allowing the seemingly unrealistic Microsoft product placement.

However, as HuffPo points out, Bing has already taken 30% market share in search engine traffic with queries rising 11% year after year.

So maybe Peter Parker is part of that 30%. That or this is the new cool alternative search engine nerds are now using. *Gasp* Oh my god. Why was I not informed? Don’t you know my identify is defined by the search engine I use?! *Replaces Google default search with Bing*

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11 years ago

No, your wrong bing sucks, bing is just preinstalled on most computers and most older people don’t know how to change their primary search, people are NOT choosing bing, they just don’t know how to choose google.

11 years ago
Reply to  NotBillGates

You’re wrong mate. If something is pre-installed, is Google as a default engine in most browsers.