Heidi Klum Getting the Hang of Twitter

It took her a while, but Heidi Klum finally figured out how to use Twitter. Step 1: Set up Twitter account. Step 2: Tits.

In related news, Heidi recently said she may never walk the runway or the aisle again telling Bild am Sonntag, “I don’t know if I’ll get married again.”

Klum also denied rumors that she’s dating herĀ Germany’s Next Top Model judge Thomas Hayo. “He is not, nor was he ever, my boyfriend. I think he is a great guy, but not for me.”

As soon as she said that, the roses in Hayo’s hands wilted and he walked away from Heidi’s house dejected with his shoulders slumped. Aw, poor guy. Here’s a gold skull statue Kim Kardashian re-gifted to cheer you up.

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