Hilary Duff Still Hasn’t Lost the Baby Weight

Hilary Duff has fired back at all the mean spirited comments people made last week when she showed up in a bikini. “Say it to my face,” said Duff.

‘I’m not perfect, but I feel fantastic,’ Hilary told In Touch magazine.

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‘This is how it goes for most women – the weight doesn’t fall off overnight.’

The actress and singer told the magazine she has been exercising ‘a few’ times a week, mixing spin classes with private training sessions.

While many of Hilary’s fans were supportive of her wearing a bikini despite her extra post-baby pounds, others were cruel:

‘A month or so ago I was concerned that she wouldn’t even try to lose weight,’ wrote one online critic.

‘Now I’m convinced she doesn’t even care how she looks, gross!’

‘She’s turned into her mother. That happens,’ wrote another.

‘I don’t care what people say. I’m not back to where I want to be, but I’m not stressing it,’ said the Gossip Girl actress.

It must suck for celebrities that models like Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kerr are able to snap back to their pre-baby weight in just a few months. Meanwhile, Hilary Duff and Jessica Simpson are still waddling along on a treadmill. Damn these models for setting unrealistic expectations by working out during their pregnancy and every day after until they’ve reached their goal weight. “Why can’t they just invent a weight loss pie?!,” screamed Jessica Simpson.

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12 years ago

Hilary Duff Looks great In anything she wears After all She’s a mom So let her be comparable in her own skin. And for all you haters and gossipers out there back off cuz hillary is doing the best she can as a mom and she will continue to succeed and whatever life throws her way no matter what people think hilary duff will continue to be the fantastic mother she was meant to be.. sincerely from Hillarys biggest fan Rebby.