Jaosn Kidd Survived This

Jason Kidd was arrested for DWI Sunday morning after crashing his SUV into a pole. Though it shouldn’t have even come to that because, earlier in the night, Kidd had to be carried out of the SL East club¬†because¬†he was drunk. According to a witness, he was so drunk he tried hanging from a club light and broke it. You’d think at that point his friends would have taken his car keys and and told him to call a cab. Obviously that’s not what happened.

After being carried out, Kidd got in his car and drove off despite “protests” from friends. He ended up crashing his 2012 Cadillac Escalade into the pole less than an hour later. Here’s what his car looked like after the crash.

Jason Kidd sounds like he has fantastic friends. Were their protests, “Are you sure you’re okay, man?” I’m surprised he was even driving around for more than 10 minutes and even more surprised he didn’t drive straight into the club thinking it was his garage. “God, what are all those people doing in my house screaming,” he probably would have thought to himself.

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