Jessica Simpson Only Losing 1 Pound a Week

Speaking of celebrity weight loss, Weight Watchers signed Jessica Simpson to a contract to have her drop her pregnancy weight. The $4 million deal doesn’t go through until she loses the weight. Though that may be a while because she’s taking things real slow as most fatties tend to do.

“She’s not trying to drop 10 pounds a week or anything crazy like that. She wants to do it at her own pace and make sure she’s healthy.”

“Her goal right now is to lose one pound a week and Harley’s training program is keeping her on that schedule,” the friend said.

“Jessica is trying to work out as much as she can, but she is loving every minute of being a mom and never wants to leave her daughter.”

“Jessica wants to be healthy for life, not just get super skinny quickly. She knows that she isn’t going to fit in size 0 jeans right away, she wants to be healthy for her daughter, her fiance and even any kids she might have in the future!”

One could say Jessica Simpson is taking the path of least resistance. A path which also happens to be lined with donuts. Seriously. One pound a week? I’ve dropped more weight than that by taking a dump.

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