Katie Holmes Divorced Because of Scientology, Fired Her Bodyguard

One insider claims Katie Holmes filed for divorce last Thursday because Scientology was starting to play too big of a role in her and Suri’s life.

“Every move she made and everything she did was controlled . . . She felt like she was in Rosemary’s Baby,” says one insider, referring to the classic 1968 horror film, in which an aspiring young actress (Mia Farrow) unwittingly bears a child for her husband’s Satanic cult.

“This is about protecting her daughter,” the insider explains to Us. “She wants to be in charge of how Suri is being raised and didn’t want her to have an exclusively Scientology education.”

Katie also fired her bodyguard and driver because they were “too close to Tom” having worked for him for years before they were together. This just shows how crazy Scientology really is if she’s forced to treat that cult like they were the CIA.

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