Lady Gaga Naked for Fame Perfume

Up top is Lady Gaga’s ad campaign for her new fragrance, Lady Gaga Fame. Last year, the scent was described by Gaga as smelling “like an expensive hooker.” You mean it passed the Charlie Sheen sniff test?

“[Blood and semen] is in the perfume, but it doesn’t smell like it. You just get sort of the after feeling of sex from the semen and the blood is sort of primal. And the blood was taken from my own blood sample, so it’s like a sense of having me on your skin,” she said.

It’s said to be the first black perfume that turns clear once it’s sprayed. The ingredients on the bottle lists “tears of belladonna, crushed heart of tiger orchidea with a black veil of incense, pulverized apricot and the combinative essences of saffron and honey drops.” Otherwise known as a list of things that let people justify spending $60 for a 30-ml bottle of this stuff.

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11 years ago

looks like madonna’s erotica and sex book look, gaga get your own style!