Mila Kunis Bends Over for Interview Magazine

Mila Kunis talked to James Franco for her piece in Interview Magazine to promote their movie Oz: The Great and Powerful, a Wizard of Oz prequel. In it, she talks about how she’s down for anything. Acting-wise. Even having fake blood thrown at her with blood-sucking vampires and dildos being thrown everywhere. Did someone say dildos?

KUNIS: We don’t have to get into details, but that poor girl would never be able to do a short with you. She would never be able to have fake blood thrown at her, with blood-sucking vampires and dildos being thrown everywhere.

FRANCO: At this point, we might need to explain that you and I worked together many times before. I’m sure that some people know that we did a Funny or Die video together, and then we did Date Night, and then we just acted together in Oz: The Great and Powerful, which was directed by Sam Raimi. But we’ve also done a bunch of side projects together. There is one that we did in a trailer with my hair-and-makeup person, Nana Fischer, that I don’t know if anybody will ever see. [both laugh] We did a feature called Tar—that one people will definitely see. And then there’s the one you’re referring to where you play a leather-clad, bow-and-arrow-wielding vampire killer, and let’s just say that there is lots of blood and gore.

KUNIS: Yes. That would not be okay for that girl. I, on the other hand, am game.

Wait, James didn’t explain the dildos. I want to know about Mila Kunis and dildos. Does she kill vampires using wooden dildos? Is that what happens? I must know!

Actually, that would make a great spoof porno. It wouldn’t be much fun to film because of the splinters but vagina splinters is the sacrifice one makes for their art.

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