Miss Nevada Sues Cops for Forcing Her Out of Bed Naked

Miss Nevada 2007 Calenche Manos has filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for raiding the wrong apartment and pointing their guns at her while they ordered her and fiance out of bed naked.

Manos says the warrant was for apartment “C” but police busted into their clearly marked apartment “A.” She’s also accusing deputies of sexual harassment.

“At that time Ms. Manos was still in bed and was naked,” the complaint, obtained by Courthouse News Service, states.

“The sheriff deputies, all of which were male and armed with guns, ordered Ms. Manos to get out of bed and then watched as she attempted to do so,” it alleges.

The officers then spent a “significant amount of time” in the apartment before they realized their mistake, according to the complaint.

One of the officers allegedly joked that Manos would have a good story to tell at Thanksgiving. KTLA

And what a good story she’ll have to tell. It’ll be about the time she sued the LAPD for six figures and bought a fantastic new Audi with her winnings.

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