Nick Cannon Says ‘Idol’ Can’t Afford Mariah Carey

Following rumors that American Idol is considering Mariah Carey as one of their new judges, Nick Cannon has taken it upon himself to talk her up. He tells TMZ that he’s not sure if they can afford his GRAMMY AWARD WINNING (emphasis Nick’s, not mine) wife.

Cannon told our photog yesterday that it’s going to take a HUGE payday to get Mimi to fill Lopez’s vacant seat. He told us, “I don’t know if they can afford Mariah Carey. That’s a lot of money. If they gave JLo $20 million, they might have to double that!”

Aw, isn’t he cute. Nick Cannon thinks he’s a businessman just because he puts on a suit every day. Granted, this may be a clever ploy to inflate Mariah’s value so much that AI can’t afford her which then gives him the chance to tell them, “But hey, you know who won’t cost more than $20 million? Me. Nick Cannon. $10 million and I’m yours. $5 million? $1 million? Hello? Counteroffers?”

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