Ronda Rousey Will Kick Kim Kardashian’s Ass

Ronda Rousey is the current women’s champ in Strikeforce. She’s undefeated and has won every one of her fights via armbar. Last Tuesday at the ESPN Body Issue wrap party, Rousey was more than happy to hype up an imaginary feud between her and a celebrity. Someone suggested Kim Kardashian and Rousey said, “You know what? I would beat the crap out of Kim Kardashian actually. Any girl, who like, is famous and idolized because she made a sex video with some guy and that’s like all that she’s known for… Oh I got my fame from sucking dick.”

Normally I’d scream “Catfight! Catfight!” but I’d feel real sorry for Kim Kardashian. It wouldn’t be a fair fight. Sure, Kim would get in some good hair pulling and maybe sit on her face for a few seconds (god willing), but Ronda would judo toss her to the ground and take her arm home.

Rousey does go on to complain that she doesn’t want a girl who’s famous for doing a sex video selling Skechers to 13-year-olds. There’s a bit of irony in that considering Ronda is there promoting her ESPN Body Issue cover where she sort of poses naked. Though I won’t be the one to point that out to her. I don’t want to get my ass kicked.

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10 years ago

Well if she wants to kick ass, she has an unmissable target with Kim’s.

Joshua Pelfrey
10 years ago

I find it stupid that the ESPN Body Issue which is a combination of tasteful artistic photography and a lesson on body image from athletes who have worked their entire lives to be the best at what they do is being compared to a sex tape.

If you can’t tell the differences between the motivations and caliber of the two mediums in question, then you don’t know what you are talking about.

8 years ago

ronda just son of bitch.

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