Sage Stallone Dead for 3 Days, Accidental

Sage Stallone was found dead last week in his home of an apparent overdose. Now sources are saying Sage’s death was an accident. However, that’s not all.

Sources go on to say that Sage led a very Howard Hughes-like life. He was pretty much a recluse spending days in his room which was littered with cigarette butts, beer and soda cans and food. His housekeeper had ongoing instructions never to go into his room or even knock on the door.

The only reason his body was found was because no one had heard from him since two Fridays ago so the housekeeper was asked to check in on him. That’s when she found his body. Sources say he may have been dead for 3 days already and possibly for as long as a week. Two drawers full of pill bottles, some of them huge, were found in his room at the time of his death.

At least there weren’t jars of pee lining the edge of the room. Hold on a second. *Searches eBay for “Sage Stallone pee jar”* Yea, at least no jars of pee.

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