Scarlett Johansson Will Make $20M for ‘Avengers’ Sequel

Because The Avengers gave every other movie at the box office a swirly, Marvel is pushing a sequel trying to milk the franchise for all its worth. They’re trying to get all the cast members back on board and what better way to do that than to throw obscene amounts of cash at them.

According to the Post, people loved the Black Widow so much (why? probably because this) that producers are offering Scarlett Johansson $20 million to reprise the role. This will top Angelina Jolie’s $19 million payday for The Tourist.

HuffPo offers some perspective reminding us Kristen Stewart was last year’s highest paid actress but she only made $12.5 million per film which brought her to $34.5 million over 12 months. Cameron Diaz made $34 million last year over three films.

Expect Scarlett to take the money. This is the easiest payday she’ll ever get. All she has to do in front of the camera is say a few lines, point a gun at something and jump up and down in a tank top.

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11 years ago

One of the few people in hollywood who is sexy and can act … so she deserves it!