Sofia Vergara is Engaged

Sofia Vergara turned 40 yesterday and also got engaged to Nick Loeb who she broke up with in May but has since gotten back together with. Obviously.

The marriage will be the Three Stooges star’s second; the actress wed Joe Gonzalez as a teen, with whom she has a son, 20-year-old Manolo. (She and Gonzalez divorced in 1993).

Vergara first met the politically active Loeb (who considered a 2010 run for Florida’s state senate) at a Golden Globes party in 2010; the pair split ways after “fighting for a long time” in early May, though they reunited just a few weeks later.

“They have a crazy relationship,” an insider explained of the duo’s roller-coaster romance. “They break up and make up. They fight and make up hard!” Us Magazine

I still can’t get over the fact Sofia is 40. She’s been in her prime for the past 20 years. She must be some sort of witch. A really hot, sexy witch.

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Charo 2.0
Charo 2.0
10 years ago

Its that axcent..father time won’t go near it