The 2012 Teen Choice Awards Were Last Night

The 2012 Teen Choice Awards took place at the Universal Amphitheater and was hosted by Demi Lovato and Kevin McHale. A perfect hosting duo because, hey, what else do they have to do?

The big winners of the night included the cast of The Hunger Games and Twilight, of course. Any Teen Choice Awards without the cast of Twilight is no Teen Choice Awards I’ll be going to, said a squealing 13-year-old girl who just got back from rummaging through Taylor Lautner’s trash for a lock of his hair.

Can you believe Twilight has won 41 Teen Choice Awards? No wonder Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart gave their surfboard trophies to some fans in the audience. What are they going to do with another one of those? It’s like getting a sock for your birthday for the 30th time.

The Vampire Diaries also cleaned up along with Pretty Little Liars.

Naturally, Justin Bieber won choice male artist while Taylor Swift won choice female artist. Which should tell you a lot about youth today. Back in the 90’s, kids were listening to Weezer, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Greenday and Bad Religion. Now they listen to an 18-year-old lesbian singing about if you were his girlfriend and a 22-year-old whining about her exes. The 90’s would have kicked these kids asses if they weren’t all strung out on drugs.

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