The Game Tapes Himself Beating 40 Glocc

I have no idea who 40 Glocc is but big tough guy The Game was recording with his phone in one hand while using the other to punch him in the face while his entourage told him to leave it.

The recently released cell footage shows The Game shouting at 40 Glocc, “You wanna finish it? You wanna finish it right here?,” as he punches him in the face. 40 tells the camera that he just got jumped and The Game keeps punching and calls him a “punk ass n*gga.”

40 eventually stumbles around into the bushes like a cartoon character which shouldn’t be as funny as it is. The Game then shouts, “There ain’t gonna be another one, boy.” Later, he points the camera to his shoes and complains about how 40 Glocc’s blood “f*cked up his sixes.” Gosh, I hate when that happens. Why can’t the people you punch bleed somewhere else? It’s just common courtesy.

40 Glocc later went on Twitter claiming The Game “chased me down with a pistol.”

The Game called him out on it saying the video doesn’t show any gun.

Despite the video evidence, Glocc won’t be looking to get the police involved. Why? Because snitches get stitches.

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10 years ago

Big bad 40 is a bully who got what he deserved

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