The Jackson Family Is Kidnapping Each Other

34-year-old Tito Joe Jackson, TJ Jackson, son of Michael Jackson’s brother Tito is currently having his lawyers draw up documents for him to become the temporary guardian of Michael’s 3 kids, Paris, Prince and Blanket. All three kids are on board with the decision.

Why is that happening? Because Katherine, their grandmother and current guardian, is believed to have been “kidnapped” by Michael’s family to Arizona to be brainwashed. The kids haven’t seen her in 9 days. Michael’s siblings are trying to convince Katherine that Michael’s will was fraudulent and are asking to let the executors of his estate go. Not that it matters because Michael’s prior will still gives nothing to them so if it’s money they’re after, they’re not going to find it here.

In related news, TMZ has footage of a confrontation between Janet and Paris. Janet tried to grab Paris’ cell because she feels like Paris has been tweeting private information. Janet is eventually held back by her brother Randy. They then both hold up their cells to record Paris like a couple of dorks. A little while later, the police arrived responding to a domestic disturbance call when one family member accused the other of assault.

If I was Paris, I would have taken a handful of dollar bills and made it rain because there would be a 100% chance the other Jacksons would hit the floor to try and get as much of it as they can. That’s when I would make my escape.

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