A Man Hid in a Trash Can to Get Justin Bieber’s Picture

Justin Bieber tells Vibe magazine that he once found a man hiding in his trash can just to get pictures of him.

“I don’t like giving too much personal information about where I live and the cars I drive… There are a lot of people in this world that aren’t good people, and all they need to do is a little research and then they can (find me)…”

“(I’ve had) people hiding in garbage cans overnight to catch (pictures) of me. Crazy things happen.”

First of all, people have to do no research at all. Everyone knows Bieber drives a ridiculous gaudy platinum plated Fisker Karma. All you have to do is stand on a mountain in LA and spot the bright reflection coming off it to find out where he is.

Second of all, are you sure that wasn’t a homeless person hiding in your trash can? Just because he he’s holding a piece of cardboard box and shouting “click, click, click” doesn’t make him a photog.

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