Amanda Bynes Is Going to the City Attorney

A little over a week ago, Amanda Bynes was accused of another hit and run. This time, Amanda played mechanic by trying to push the person’s bumper back into place and told her that they didn’t need to exchange information because the damage was minimal. I’m not sure if the bumper fell off again while she was talking her or after.

Anyway, the LAPD thinks they have enough information send it to the LA City Attorney for prosecution. He’ll then have final say on whether or not to charge Amanda for misdemeanor hit and run.

In related news, Hollyscoop says the woman claiming Amanda hit her is fresh off bankruptcy. Kisa Bolinger owed debtors $10,000 and $3,200 on her 2004 Toyota Corolla that was hit. Granted, it’s worth probably a lot less than $1,800 Hollyscoop claims because her mechanic Amanda Bynes couldn’t fix a bumper to save her life.

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