Cuba Gooding Jr. Is Wanted

It’s weird how when you read that title, your first thought isn’t, “for a movie role?,” despite Cuba Gooding Jr. being an Academy Award winner.

Anyway, you’re right. He’s not wanted for a movie role. A warrant has been issued for Cuba’s arrest stemming from an altercation at The Old Absinthe House on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

Witnesses at the bar say Gooding became upset after customers recognized him and started taking pictures. Cuba started cussing out the bar patrons so a female bartender asked him to leave. Cuba then pushed her against a wall and, when she told him cops were coming, pushed her again before he left.

You’d think by how much his star has fallen, Cuba would be happy at least someone recognized him. Unless they mistook him for UFC fighter Rashad Evans and kept asking him why he was being an asshole and signing autographs as “Cuba Gooding Jr.”

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Jojo Liz
Jojo Liz
11 years ago

Seriously, he should be happy anyone even wants to take his picture. Jerk.