Eli Roth Almost Got Raped by a Mother and Daughter

Well, okay, technically no he didn’t but Eli Roth tells Fox Vegas that 5 years ago at a club in Vegas, he was chatting with a mother and daughter when they roofied his drink.

Roth was out partying with Quentin Tarantino and RZA from Wu Tang Clan when he started feeling real woozy while talking to a mother and daughter. They offered to take him back to his room. Tarantino came and cockblocked saying he’d take Eli to his room. “Quentin Tarantino saved me from getting roofied in Vegas.”

Actually, you did get roofied so either Quentin saved you from getting robbed in Vegas or from having a threesome with a mother and daughter which would have made for an awesome Vegas story, er, if you could have remembered. Sure, it was 90% chance they would have robbed you but there there’s that 10% chance of a threesome. I’d still take those odds.

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Miles Digby IV
11 years ago

Funny a guy almost had sex against his will. I think this is called date rape! Also having someone drug you,rape you and hold you against your will is not very sexy.

I they were fans of some of his films they may have wanted to take a trophy.You know cut something off. Still sexy?

11 years ago

When he woke up, was Quentin sucking on his toes?