Elton John on Madonna: “She Looks Like a Fairground Stripper”

In an interview with Australia’s Channel 7, Elton John says Madonna’s career is over, calls her tour a “disaster” and adds that “it couldn’t have happened to a bigger c*nt.”

Elton goes on to criticize her saying she looks like a “fairground stripper.” It’s possibly the most apt description of Madonna anyone could ever give.

The anger stems from Madonna’s petty attacks on Lady Gaga, Elton John’s kid’s godmother. Elton continues that if Madonna had any common sense, she’d make a pop album likeĀ Ray of Light instead of stepping foot into dance music in an effort to prove to everyone that should can do it all. Which she can’t, clearly.

There’s not much Madonna fans can say about this either because it’s all true. Sad looking 53-year-old tits don’t belong at a concert. They belong at the day shift of a strip club.

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