Evan Rachel Woods Explains Miley Cyrus Gay Haircut Joke

Evan Rachel Wood made a joke about Miley Cyrus’ new butch haircut tweeting, “I called it! Miley Cyrus is leaning toward gay.” Turns out no one can take a joke anymore because everything offends everybody’s sensibilities now. Note that Wood is bisexual and has her own butch haircut so she seemed to be just joking about stereotypes. On Thursday, Evan Rachel Wood rolled her eyes and decided to explain herself.

Ok. To be clear. I believe you should be able to joke and have a sense of humor about everything. And i hate explaining, but just to be clear, i dont judge people on how they look. Nor do i associate a hair style with sexuality. I myself am bisexual and have always “joked” about miley giving me gay vibes. Not a bad thing! Just an observation. So i “joked” when she cut her hair that it supported my case. But, i am not so close minded or into stereotypes or labeling. It was a joke. Period. could care less what gender she was attracted to. But dont hate me for supporting her in whatever She chooses. Its all fine by me. That is all.

Miley Cyrus couldn’t care less and said “let’s be friends” and now they are. Geez, guys. Calm down. It’s not like she tweeted, “Look at that stupid haircut. What a queer.” Plus, c’mon, look at that stupid haircut. I dare you to try and not to make fun of it.

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Evan Rachel Wood, Esq.
Evan Rachel Wood, Esq.
10 years ago

Look at me! Look at ME! I’m a bisexual nobody…. LOOK AT ME!

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