Gwen Stefani Always Puts on Makeup So Gavin Rossdale Will Like Her More

Gwen Stefani spoke to Bazaar’s September issue where she talked about being a girl who always loved to dress up. She tells the interviewer that she’s already put her makeup on twice that day. Once before taking her kids to school and then again before the interview.

She even wears makeup around the house because “I like to make my husband [Gavin Rossdale] like me more” and “he likes it when I’m wearing makeup.”

I find this is true for most everyone. That’s why I sit in front of the mirror every morning and say to no one in particular, “Make me pretty.” Of course, I’m always interrupted by this loud knocking on the door followed by some douche shouting, “Sir! You have to be a customer to use the bathroom!” Whatever, man. Don’t tell me how to live my life!

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