Kristen Stewart Hasn’t Showered for Days

Having been kicked out of Robert Pattinson’s house after cheating on him with her Snow White director Rupert Sanders, Kristen Stewart is now staying at Giovanni Agnelli’s house, a producer she befriended while shooting Welcome to the Rileys. This is the same guy that’s been defending her on Twitter. I smell an intricate plan by Agnelli to get in her pants. Her dirty, unwashed pants.

A source says Kristen is acting like a “heartbroken teenager” who sits around all day crying and eating ice cream. “She hasn’t showered, changed or washed her hair in several days.”

Oh so what they’re trying to say is Kristen Stewart is slowly transforming into a blogger. Welcome to the club, KStew! May I call you KStew? Of course I can. We’re practically friends now!

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