Kristen Stewart Won’t Be in ‘Snow White 2’

Reports have been circulating that Kristen Stewart was dropped from the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel due to, um, conflicts of interest you could say. The reports said the sequel was being retooled to focus on Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman character.

However, E! says that’s not the case. Stewart was never contractually obligated to star in the sequel so technically you can’t drop someone from a movie when they weren’t attached to begin with.

Regardless, Rupert Sanders, the dude who dry humped Kristen Stewart in those pictures, may return as director. A guy who won’t be returning though is screenwriter David Koepp who had been attached to the sequel but now may have been let go because they’re doing the Huntsman spin-off thing.

So that’s two movies Kristen Stewart possibly definitely won’t star in. Her post-Twilight career is getting off to a rocky start. Which sucks. Here I was all ready to watch Kristen Stewart take her lip biting and constipation face to the next level.

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11 years ago

She should have NEVER been in the first Snow White