LeAnn Rimes Suing Over Twitter Hate

LeAnn Rimes’ people went to TMZ and insisted she wasn’t in rehab and was just in a treatment facility where she’ll learn how to deal with her stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety brought on by people throwing shade at her on Twitter. Huh?

Apparently, LeAnn contacted two of her Twitter haters, Kimberly and Lexi Smiley, and invited them to spend time to get to know the real LeAnn. That didn’t go so well because Kimberly recorded their phone conversation, allegedly edited it and posted it on the web.

Now LeAnn is suing them both for invasion of privacy alleging they secretly and illegally recorded theĀ conversationĀ and released out-of-context excerpts making her seem crazy and delusional.

To be fair, everyone here is crazy. Kimberly and Lexi for investing so much of their lives into the LeAnn/Brandi feud and LeAnn for actually contacting them to try to work things out and when that backfired, suing them for hurting her feelings. This doesn’t need to go to a judge, this needs to go to a high school principal.

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