Lindsay Lohan a Suspect in Jewelry Theft

Even though Sam Magid, the owner of the Hollywood Hills home that was robbed, recanted his story of a $100,000 jewel theft, police are still questioning guests. One of whom is Lindsay Lohan who’s been at the house a lot. Police believe there are witnesses who can identify Lindsay and her friend Gavin as the thieves.

However, Hollyscoop spoke with the LAPD who said Lindsay is no more of a suspect than everyone else at the party. “It seems to me that TMZ is playing it up to make Lindsay look like the prime suspect when in fact that is not the case,” says Borhanh. I’m not sure they said Lindsay was the PRIME suspect, but whatever. Given her history, it’s a sure bet she’s near the top of the list.

In other Lindsay news, she’s wanted for questioning in another case. This time regarding a car crash in June where she rear-ended a big rig. She said she wasn’t driving when she clearly was. Lying to the cops is a punishable offense that could carry a 1 year jail sentence.

Haha, but no, really. Going to jail for a celebrity means a 5 minute photo op at the police station. They’d have a tougher time picking out an outfit to wear than “serving a jail sentence.”

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11 years ago

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