Lindsay Lohan Banned From the Chateau Marmont

The Chateau Marmont is probably one of the most well known hotels in LA and it’s where Lindsay Lohan used to love to party. I say used to because she’s now banned from the hotel after stiffing them on a $46,350.04 bill.

The General Manager of the hotel says he repeatedly tried to get Lindsay to settle up for the days she stayed there in June and July but nothing ever came of it. She probably thought it was all comped. After all, who wouldn’t want the fantastic publicity that comes with Lindsay staying at your hotel. As for the itemized list of what she “purchased” (via TMZ):

  • Minibar charges for the 47 days:  $3,145.07.  The highest daily tab … July 1st — $502.43!!!
  • Cigarettes: $686.  She blew through 49 packs in 47 days at $14 a pop
  • Chateau Candle: $100
  • Chateau restaurant:  On July 4 Lindsay racked up a $1,992.07 bill.  On top of that, she spent $685.96 that day on room service.

On the bright side, Lindsay never overdosed there like John Belushi did. On the not so bright side, she probably left way more mystery stains than him.

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