Lindsay Lohan Crashes Party, Still Thinks She’s a Star

Lindsay Lohan headed to Bootsy Bellows on Tuesday night where Francesca Eastwood, daughter of Clint, was celebrating her birthday. Nothing went as planned. Unless the plan was for Lindsay to make a fool of herself.

“Francesca was celebrating her birthday with around a dozen friends in a private area when Lindsay came over and started screaming that Francesca should leave,” the source says. “She was yelling ‘I’m a star, she’s a nobody, get her out of here!'”

Was this part of Lindsay’s stand-up? Or is she really this delusional. Doesn’t she realize her star disappeared years ago in a supernova of failed movies and DUIs? Someone should tell her. Maybe this guy did.

“One poor guy came over and tried to calm [Lindsay] down and she acted aggressively. At that point the security told her to leave and it was totally embarrassing. She is acting like some bad ’80s film star, and it is hard to watch because she needs help.”

“Don’t tell me to calm down! Don’t you know who I am? I’m starring opposite porn star James Deen in this movie called, um, shut up!”

But before Lohan embarked on her journey home, she and her party made one more cringe-worthy snafu. “Lindsay’s friend was driving and they sped out and almost hit one of the valet guys,” a witness tells Us.

That goes without saying. No night is complete for Lindsay until a car she’s in almost runs over someone.

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10 years ago

Typical Lindsay……..

Has been Still Sorta
Has been Still Sorta
10 years ago

I hope gets cast in 50 shades
So many douches that bought into that crap story would be outraged

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