Lindsay Lohan Points the Finger at the Black Kid

The white person rule of thumb when you’re a suspect in any burglary is to blame the black kid you were with. That’s what Lindsay Lohan is doing claiming she was framed for stealing $100,000 in jewelry. She says the real thief is Suge Knight’s son Andrew Knight. Andrew is denying the claims saying Lindsay gave them the stolen jewels in a t-shirt.

Magid told cops Monday … he was in touch with 2 of Lindsay’s friends — one of whom is Andrew Knight — and they said the night of the theft Lindsay had handed them a bag with 2 or 3 pieces of the stolen items wrapped in her t-shirt. The 2 men returned the items to Magid. Other items were still missing.

Magid also said he was in touch with Lindsay, who told him she had hidden some of the other items around the house because she was afraid they would be stolen by burglars. We’re told Magid told cops Lindsay confessed she was on Ambien at the time she hid the jewelry and was hazy about exactly what happened.

Cops believe Andrew’s version of events over Lindsay’s because she’s a habitual liar. Luckily, Lindsay isn’t the brightest thief. It’s only a matter of time before she slips up. I give it a week before she posts a TwitPic of herself wearing a stolen watch and eating steak with the stolen Tiffany monogrammed silverware.

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11 years ago

How is this person still alive?

The Blemish
11 years ago
Reply to  westie187

I think the “breathe” tattoo she has on her wrist helps her out.