Macaulay Cuklin Has a Heroin Habit That’s Killing Him

According to the National Enquirer, Macaulay Culkin has a $6,000/month oxycodone and heroin habit. He even once almost overdosed. His breakup with Mila Kunis apparently sent him into this downward spiral. NE says Culkin has even turned his Manhattan apartment into a private drug den. “I want to go to there,” said Nick Stahl.

“Macaulay Culkin is hooked on drugs and it’s killing him!” said a source close to the star told the Enquirer.

“He’s been hooked for a year and a half, and his drug of choice is either heroin or oxycodone. Mac is surrounding himself with junkies and lowlifes. It’s a real tragedy.”

“Macaulay Culkin is surely dying. He’s addicted to heroin, oxyco done, Percocet and Vicodin. I have witnessed his drug taking, which has escalated over the past year and a half to the point where he needs serious help.

“His closest friends fear that he’ll overdose or his heart will explode. If he doesn’t get help and enter rehab now, he could be dead in six months.”

Six months? That’s pretty alarmist. It sounds like Culkin is experienced with his drugs. He won’t be dead in six months. Maybe close to death but not dead. Let’s not get carried away here. Just look at Pete Doherty. Every 6 months, people gave him another 6 months to live. Look at him now. Alive and well and still getting kicked out of rehab. Dead? Ha! He only wishes he were.

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Walking Dead Child Star
Walking Dead Child Star
11 years ago

Those Russian Chicks are evil heart breakers!!

Becca Granato
11 years ago

So what! He’s not 5 and adorable anymore, get over it! Whether he has a drug addition is his business not ours! Leave the poor chap alone, and let him deal with his life on his own!