Mayhem Miller Arrested Naked in a Church

Jason “Mayhem” Miller, who was cut from the UFC after two disappointing losses, was arrested today in Orange County after breaking into a Church, spraying the place with a fire extinguisher and sitting on a couch naked.

According to TMZ, cops received a call about a possible burglary at Mission Hills Church in Mission Viejo. When police arrived, the place was trashed with fire extinguisher spray everywhere. CDs, books and broken pictures were littered over the place.

Cops discovered Mayhem on the second floor. Naked, sitting on a couch, awake and coherent. Miller was taken in and medically evaluated.

Coincidentally, this was just after a war of words on Twitter with UFC president Dana White Saturday afternoon. It started out jokingly and ended with Miller telling Dana to kill himself. Dana commented to MMA Heat later that “that kid’s on medicine, he has some issues, and the last thing I want to do is have that kid more bummed out and depressed than he already is. He started talking like a jackass on Twitter, so I blasted him back. Now I kind of wish I didn’t.”

To be fair, it has been really hot in SoCal for the past week or two. It’s pretty easy to work up a sweat when your trashing a church. What else can you do besides sit there naked and wait for the police to come.

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Mr Truth Hurts
Mr Truth Hurts
11 years ago

that isn’t mayhem miller pictured there.

The Blemish
11 years ago
Reply to  Mr Truth Hurts

Whoops. Pulled the wrong url. Was supposed to be the one of him giving the peace sign in his Dream fight.