Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend Is Kind of Hot

Here’s Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’ supposed girlfriend Megan Rossee who he was seen out celebrating with in London. Rossee is a 25-year-old LA resident and model who doesn’t do nudity. Aw, boo.

A source says Phelps and Rossee started dating in January this year and “things started to heat up prior to the Olympics.” Apparently, she chose Phelps over Doug Reinhardt. “Michael knew that he had to leave for the Olympics and not wanting to give up on their relationship, he flew Megan out to the trials in Omaha and then to London for The Games.”

So Megan Rossee chose an Olympic gold medalist and record holder over a retired baseball star who once appeared on The Hills. Must have been the hardest decision of her life. Sort of like Sophie’s Choice.

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10 years ago

To describe her as “KIND of hot” is rather demeaning. ShEeeeeessss….HOT!!!

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