Prince Harry and Ryan Lochte Had a Drunken Swim Race

Ryan Lochte and Prince Harry were partying in the XS pool at Encore in Vegas on Monday at 3 AM with a bunch of girls in bikinis when the two decided to hold an impromptu swim meet (video here). Lochte, with his clothes on, and Harry, wearing jeans, competed in the breast stroke. Lochte won, naturally, but gave the Prince a consolation hug at the end. You got to bro it out at the end of any drunken swim race, ya know?

10:1 odds one of the lines Ryan Lochte used that night was “Wanna see my breast stroke? Dur hurr hurr.”

Side note: When you’re drunk at night at XS, it gets kind of hard to tell the floor from the pool because of all the lounge chairs and tables IN the pool which make the water seem like a solid glass surface. But it’s not and that’s how you end up walking in wet shoes the entire night.

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