Prince Harry Might Be in More Trouble

After the strip pool fiasco at the Wynn, Prince Harry deleted his secret Facebook account, which was under the pseudonym Spike Wells. But he might be in for more than just losing a Facebook account. Reports are saying the strip pool was nothing compared to an even bigger scandal involving “something pretty gigantic” that Wynn is looking into.

Wynn reportedly has a history of “dealing harshly with issues that jeopardize the gaming and liquor licenses at his properties.” Clarke cites how Wynn took immediate action when Paris Hilton was arrested for cocaine possession shortly after leaving one of his hotels two years ago.

This is why I don’t go to Vegas anymore. You dump one dead hooker down the laundry chute and it’s all, “We’re going to have to report you to the police.” Well, excuse me. I thought this was Vegas. Land of the free, home of the disposable prostitutes.

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